Axle Repair Services in Moundsville, WV

Is your heavy-duty truck feeling a bit off-balance? It could be an axle issue. Welcome to RF Mobile Service in Moundsville, WV, where axle repairs are not just a service but a craft honed through years of dedicated experience.

Mobile Diesel mechanic performing Axle repair services in Moundsville, WV

How Long Can I Drive on a Broken Axle?

Never. A broken axle is a serious issue that needs to be addressed instantly, as it poses significant safety risks. Immediate repairs are essential to prevent further damage to your vehicle and ensure road safety.

Types of Axle Repairs 

At RF Mobile Service, we offer a range of axle repairs crucial to maintaining your heavy-duty vehicle's integrity. Our services include:

Bearing Replacement: Bearings are pivotal for smooth axle rotation. We replace worn or damaged bearings to restore efficiency and reduce friction.

Seal Repairs: Preventing fluid leaks is critical. We replace or repair damaged sealing and surfaces to ensure the longevity of axle components and prevent contamination.

Joint Repairs: We address issues in the yoke and universal joints, which are crucial for effective power transfer and maintaining vehicle stability.

Axle Spindle Repairs: Spindles, vital for wheel attachment, are repaired or replaced as needed. This includes addressing wear and tear or damage from impacts.

Differential Repairs: We fix issues in the differential system, which is key for managing the speed of your wheels. This includes addressing noise, vibration, and performance issues.

Axle Repair Shop in Moundsville, WV

At RF Mobile Service, we're equipped to handle all your axle repair needs with precision and expertise. Contact us in Moundsville, WV, and let's get your vehicle back to its optimal performance. Your truck deserves the best care, and we're here to deliver just that!

Areas We Also Serve For Axle Repairs

As a mobile-only business, we bring our axle repair service directly to a location of your choosing. Some of the areas that we proudly service include:

West Virginia

New Martinsville, WV; Moundsville, WV; Glen Dale, WV; Wheeling, WV; Warwood, WV; Wellsburg, WV; Triadelphia, WV; Dallas Pike, WV; and, Cameron, WV,


Sardis, OH; Hannibal, OH; Powhatan Point, OH; Shadyside, OH; and Bellaire, OH.


West Alexander, PV; Claysville, PV; Washington, PV; Waynesburg, PV; Bridgeport, PV; Martin’s Ferry, PV; Rayland, PV; St. Clairsville, PV; Brilliant, PV; and Barnesville, PV.

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Our Customer Reviews

Roy was very courteous, professional and friendly! Was freezing out and fixed my rig and got me back on the road with minimal downtime, Very hard working thanks Roy!
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Chris Roseberry

Awesome work , come to the rescue in the middle of the night. Got my 2020 lone star up and rolling for me  in no time I highly recommend this mechanic for anything you might need . Showed up with their mobile unit fully prepared I was amazed just how much they had on their unit . Was prepared and Equipt ha coulda dam near did anything right there on the side of the road as they could in the shop . Thanks RF mobile
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Dustin Smithers

Wonderful dedicated buisiness. Hardest working mechanic in the area. I don't know how they seam to do it runs day and night and leaves a trail of happy running customers. I'm pretty sure this company could repair a broken dream if the parts were available.
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Ronald Evans