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Join the RF Mobile Service team, where we're not just colleagues - we're a family. Our core philosophy is rooted in mutual respect, trust, and a family-friendly environment. We believe in taking care of our own, ensuring that each member of our team feels valued and supported.

Here, you're more than an employee; you're an integral part of a collaborative and caring community. Our founder, Roy Faulkiner II, sets the standard, embodying the principle of leading by example. He tackles the toughest tasks himself and ensures a safe, equitable work environment for everyone.

We recognize that life extends beyond work. That's why we offer unparalleled flexibility, understanding the importance of balancing professional commitments with personal lives. Trust is the cornerstone of our operations; we empower our mechanics to make informed decisions, even if it means walking away from a job that doesn't align with our values.

At RF Mobile Service, you'll find opportunities to grow, challenges to conquer, and a supportive team that values your contribution. We welcome those who share our dedication to excellence and commitment to creating the best possible situation for our employees and their families. Come, be a part of our journey, and drive your career forward with RF Mobile Service.

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Our Mobile Truck Services

Diesel mechanic performing DOT inspection services in Moundsville, WV

DOT and FMCSA Inspection

Wondering about the parameters of a DOT/FMCSA inspection in Moundsville, WV? RF Mobile Service provides thorough DOT/FMCSA inspections for heavy-duty diesel vehicles, ensuring you're both compliant and safe on the road.
Diesel mechanic performing mobile Emergency Roadside services in Moundsville, WV

Emergency Roadside

Stranded on the roadside within 50 miles of Moundsville, WV? Need immediate help with your heavy-duty diesel vehicle or equipment? RF Mobile Service has your back and provides expert field or roadside assistance, ready to get you back to work in no time.
Mobile Diesel mechanic performing Heavy Equipment repair services in Moundsville, WV

Heavy Equipment

Are you grappling with heavy equipment malfunctions and seeking reliable mobile repair services in Moundsville, WV? RF Mobile Service specializes in heavy-duty diesel and heavy equipment repairs, ensuring your machinery is always in optimal condition.
Diesel mechanic performing mobile truck repair services in Moundsville, WV

Light & Medium Truck Repair

In Moundsville, WV, a well-maintained vehicle is the key to success on the road. At RF Mobile Service, we're committed to delivering exceptional medium and light-duty truck repairs, no matter what. Find out how our expertise can keep your vehicles running smoothly and efficiently.
Diesel mechanic performing Mobile Fleet Maintenance services in Moundsville, WV

Mobile Fleet Maintenance

Keeping your fleet on the road just got easier with RF Mobile Service in Moundsville, WV. As specialists in heavy-duty diesel repair, we understand the complexities of fleet management, and our on-site fleet services are your secret weapon against costly downtimes!
Mobile Diesel mechanic performing Truck Maintenance services in Moundsville, WV

Mobile Truck Repair

Looking for reliable heavy-duty maintenance and repair solutions? RF Mobile Service brings expert mobile truck repair right to your door in Moundsville, WV. We ensure that your heavy-duty diesel vehicles and heavy equipment receive the best care without the hassle of visiting a shop.
Mobile Diesel mechanic performing Preventive Maintenance services in Moundsville, WV

Preventive Maintenance

The road to fleet longevity begins with effective maintenance. At RF Mobile Service in Moundsville, WV, we offer preventive maintenance that's more than just a service - it's a partnership. Join us in our mission to extend the life and enhance the performance of your heavy-duty diesel vehicles.
Diesel mechanic performing Trailer repair services in Moundsville, WV

Trailer Repair

Trailer Woes in Moundsville, WV? Facing downtime due to trailer issues can be a major setback. We've got you covered! RF Mobile Service in Moundsville, WV, is here to provide expert trailer repairs, ensuring your operations are back on the road in no time.
Diesel mechanic performing Welding & Fabrication services in Moundsville, WV

Welding & Fabrication

Your heavy-duty vehicles are more than just machines; they are the backbone of your operation. Explore our superior welding and fabrication services in Moundsville, WV, and learn how our craftsmanship ensures your vehicles withstand the tests of time and terrain.

Our Customer Reviews

Roy was very courteous, professional and friendly! Was freezing out and fixed my rig and got me back on the road with minimal downtime, Very hard working thanks Roy!
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Chris Roseberry

Awesome work , come to the rescue in the middle of the night. Got my 2020 lone star up and rolling for me  in no time I highly recommend this mechanic for anything you might need . Showed up with their mobile unit fully prepared I was amazed just how much they had on their unit . Was prepared and Equipt ha coulda dam near did anything right there on the side of the road as they could in the shop . Thanks RF mobile
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Dustin Smithers

Wonderful dedicated buisiness. Hardest working mechanic in the area. I don't know how they seam to do it runs day and night and leaves a trail of happy running customers. I'm pretty sure this company could repair a broken dream if the parts were available.
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Ronald Evans